The Most Basic Rule of All

Girls, I didn’t know I needed to write this post until today. I thought everyone knew The Most Basic Rule of All, but apparently some people do not.

Here’s where I went today:

This is Neyland Stadium, home of the Tennessee Volunteers. You can enjoy college football with 102,459 of your closest friends. It’s the third largest football stadium in the U.S.

Out of 102,459 people, you are bound to find a few you dislike. And I found one lady right beside me that I definitely disliked. All through the game she kept a running football commentary, but it soon became obvious she knows less about football than I do. In fact, she knows less about football than most people (side note- If you don’t know anything about football, that’s okay. I’m cool with that. Just don’t pretend you do know a bunch of stuff when you don’t).

Here’s what happened: The opposing team challenged the referee, saying that the Tennessee Volunteers had 12 men on the field during an important play.

THE MOST BASIC RULE OF FOOTBALL: At any time during the game, you must have 11 players, and only 11 players on the field. If you have more, it is a icky penalty. 11 players, that’s how many are on the field for each team. Put that in your heads girls! Now you know!

This woman didn’t know The Most Basic Rule of All. But she pretended she did by loudly exclaiming, “Oh, hell, they BETTER HAVE HAD 12 players on the field!!!”

Um, annoying lady, no. 12 players on the field would be a penalty and would be a horrible thing. You have officially committed a FOOTBALL FAIL. Better luck with The Most Basic Rule of All next time.

Despite the annoying know-it-all lady’s running commentary, the Tennessee Vols managed to win the game in double overtime, 32-29. GO VOLS!


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